The core of the Transition movement is the concept of developing community resilience and self-reliance through local actions and team projects. Transition town groups address some of society’s greatest challenges: climate change, fossil fuel depletion, economic uncertainty and social injustice. The process is pro-active, positive, empowering and inclusive. Ashland residents are talented, caring and energized to make a difference. The kinds of projects we might take on include efforts to improve energy efficiency, foster the use of green energy sources and develop local agriculture, encourage community gardening, community tool sharing, water conservation, and neighbor-to-neighbor connections and the like. The mission of Transition Ashland is to be a catalyst in the development of projects that will lead to a sustainable future and to have fun along the way. The more people who are involved, the better. Please join in this important effort.

For more information about the Transition movement, please visit Transition US.